Support Match NB is a new initiative made possible by the generous funding donations from the The Greater Saint John Community Foundation and the Windsor Foundation. It is a website designed to match individuals and families to support providers in their local community and vice versa.

Individuals with a disability and their families often require paid supports that they either receive funding for or pay for themselves. However, these individuals and families can struggle to find and recruit staff. They are often given the financial resources to address their needs but do not know where to turn to find support providers in their area. Support Match NB is a centralized website that addresses this barrier. Individuals and families can create job advertisements outlining their specific needs, location and required/preferred qualifications and support providers can create online profiles outlining their location, qualifications, experiences and availability. Support Match NB will then match job advertisements to support providers and vice versa based on similar/matching criteria. The website will also allow users to reach out to one another via the email address provided at initial registration. It is a wonderful opportunity to bring people together for one common goal – supporting individuals with a disability to be active participants in their communities and to live meaningful lives.

Please share information about Support Match NB with others. The success of the website depends upon making it a useful tool for individuals and families seeking support workers as well as for the support workers they hope to recruit.