Here you will find a number of key resources that will help you learn more about the roles and responsibilities of:

  • Individuals with a disability and their family and
  • Support people.

Resources can be downloaded directly from this website or may appear as links to other resources outside of Support Match NB.

Primary Resources

How to Hire a Support Worker: A guide for individuals with a disability and their families living in New Brunswick (PDF)

Getting Started: A guide for support people living in New Brunswick (coming soon)

Secondary Resources

Taking the Journey: An information and advocacy guide for families supporting a child with a disability

NB Employment Standards

A Time of Change: An Information Guide for Senior Parents Supporting an Adult Son or Daughter with a Disability

Open Future Learning: An online learning and training portal for the intellectual disability workforce

Thirteen Qualities Required to Succeed as a Personal Support Worker

19 Tips to Hire a Great Caregiver