Job descriptions outline basic information about a job. Job descriptions tell people who are interested in the job what the job is about. A job description can help them decide if they are qualified for the job and if they want to apply for it.

How do I write a job description?

When you are ready to write a job description, think about what you want help with. What skills would a support worker need to help you with those activities? Did you have a worker before that you really liked? Think about that worker’s qualities and skills.

When people write job descriptions, they usually include:

  • Job summary: a short description of the job
  • Duties: a detailed list of the activities you want the worker to do. Put the most important duties first.
  • Qualifications: the things someone requires to do the job right, such as education, skills, experience and personal traits. Decide if people must have these skills or if they can learn them on the job.
  • Working conditions: the job’s physical requirements, location and hours of work
  • Wages and benefits: how much you will pay the worker and information about any other benefits you will offer, such as vacation time or access to a car.

Example – Job description

Job summary

Support worker for young woman with a developmental disability.


  • Help person do errands like going to the bank and buying groceries
  • Help person learn swimming at community based swimming lessons
  • Help person plan new activities with friends and in the community


  • At least two years training and/or experience working with someone with a developmental disability
  • Valid Driver’s License, reliable vehicle and valid car insurance
  • Valid Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Search from within the last 6 months
  • Good attitude and desire to work with someone one-on-one
  • First Aid and CPR Certified

Working conditions

Some lifting required for grocery shopping and helping with swimming lessons. Work will occur in the person’s home and community. Work is part-time: 10 hours per month during evenings and weekends.

Wages and benefits

$13 per hour